Xi Psi Omega Officers and Members

Nine Howard University students were led by Ethel Hedgeman (Lyle) into forming a sisterhood in 1908. Five years later, Nellie Quander and her gallant and visionary associates contributed the added dimension of an international organization and perpetual membership.

The Xi Psi Omega Chapter is proud to be one of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated (AKA) 1,005 chapters and over 290,000 members. Membership is by invitation only.

Current Members

Chapter Officers

Margaret Gross Bellamy         President
Angela L. Hunter                      Vice-President    
Mary E. Henderson                  Treasurer 
Gwynnedolynne James          Financial Secretary
Angela L. Hunter                      Programs Chair 
Darlene Elzy                             Archives Chair
Saroya Porche                          Recording Secretary
Angelica Robinson                  Correspondence Secretary 
Ramona S. Rivers                    Membership Chair
Ramona S. Rivers                    Standards Chair 

Chapter Members

Ashley Zarebski
Barbara A. Isom-Jennings
Beatrice Davis
Brazine Jackson
Charlea Allen
Francine E. Bennett-Jackson
Glaceia Henderson
Gloria Bamberg-Merritt
Iesha Uhura Jones
Joy Green-Armstrong - Life Member
Loujester M. Fontenot
Mary L. Wells-Brown
Montean Jackson
Paula Perry-Edwards
Rose L. Frederick-Stokes - Life Member
Sandra Gore
Tanya Nicole Taylor-Winchester
Thelma Snow-Jackson - Life Member

Membership History


The Xi Psi Omega Chapter has had seven initiations since its inception. The first group was in December 1985 during which nine new members came aboard:
  • Margo Bellamy
  • Jessie Bartlett
  • Catherine Cody
  • Sheila Gaddis
  • Loretta Jenkins
  • Mary Robinson
  • Rose Stokes
  • Jamisonia Taylor
  • Mary Wicks


In April of 1988 eight new members joined::
  • Joy Green Armstrong
  • Mary Wiggins Colbert
  • LaVerne Francis Collins
  • Sandra Davis Gore
  • Elizabeth Burrell Hudson
  • Brazine Thompson Jackson
  • Brenda Chapman Matthews
  • Ernestine Horne Reggins


The next intake was April of 1993 and twelve new members joined:
  • Jacqueline H. Barbour
  • Jeanette Cowherd
  • Denisa Collins Davis
  • Sharon Evans
  • Shelia Judge-Hall
  • Sherry Stevens-Mack
  • Yolanda Mitchell
  • Anna Morris
  • Leona Mounds
  • Catherine Sims
  • Janet Stevens
  • Joan Tilghman


The next intake was May of 1995 and four new members joined:
  • Thelma Boyd
  • Beatrice Dunston
  • Doris Morgan
  • Tanya N. Taylor


The next intake was April of 1997 and five sorors were added:
  • Valerie Anderson
  • Loucrecia Collins
  • Michelin Conerly
  • Karen L. Sims
  • Cynthia A. Walker


The next intake was May of 1995 and four new members joined:
  • Michelle Mandy
  • Monica Samuel
  • LaToya Taylor


The next Intake was February 27, 2000. Four new members joined:
  • Gloria Bamberg-Merritt
  • Kristina Bellamy
  • Sherre Dueno
  • Charlene Hampton


On April 29, 2001 four new members joined:
  • Endora Earle
  • Deborah Blake
  • Glaceia Henderson
  • Sylvia Gibbons


On June 16, 2002, three new members joined:
  • Debra Tolliver
  • Shaunta Brown
  • Mini Card


The following Sorors became members on April 10, 2004:
  • Krista Card
  • Darlene Elzy
  • Christine Scott
  • Angela Hunter


The following sorors were reactivated with Xi Psi Omega:
  • Althea Anderson
  • Sharon Bennett
  • Launa Cuffey
  • Bonita Ruffin
  • Mary Clark
  • Myrtle Snyder
  • Carmen Newton
  • Jacqueline Stroud
  • Sandra Moss
  • Shirley Kuykendall
  • Thelma Snow Jackson
  • Lou Fontenot
  • Francine Bennett-Jackson
  • Ramona Rivers
  • Brenna Spence
  • Finnis Baker-Waters
  • Barbara A. J. Isom
  • Catherine (Brooks) Jones
  • Anita Barber-Hill
  • Quinton Lee

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